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Lemon Gel


from »Flora« by  Nils Henkel


15 organic lemons

250 grams of sugar

8 grams of salt

400 g lemon puree

5 g Agar




Peel the lemons and remove the white cell tissue from the peel. Squeeze the remaining lemons completely, yielding about 500 g of juice. Blanch the lemon zest (about 125g) four times in light sugar water (100g/litre) for 2 minutes. Cook the lemon zest with the lemon juice and sugar until the zest is completely soft, then puree in a blender and add salt.

Then boil the lemon puree with Agar. Pour the mass into a Pacojet cup and freeze, then pacotize once and fill into a squeeze bottle. Alternatively, puree as finely as possible in a normal blender.

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