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Air Americano / Floating Cosmopolitan


Air Americano


for 10 people

8 grams of water
8 grams of sugar

3.2g  SucroAir

225 g of red vermouth

110 grams of mineral water 

Orange juice, freshly squeezed



Boil the water and add the sugar while stirring and dissolve. Remove the syrup from the stove and let it cool.

Mix all the ingredients with a hand blender in a tall, wide container. Work air into the surface with the mixing stick so that an air is created.

Pour the orange juice into a glass. Carefully pour the Air onto the juice with a spoon.

Floating Cosmopolitan



for 4 people


30 g fresh lemon juice

30 grams of blueberry juice

8g  Xanthan Instant

30g Triple Sec

60 grams of vodka

fresh blueberries



Mix lemon juice and blueberry juice. Stir in Xanthan Instant with a whisk until a thick mixture is formed. Add triple sec and vodka and stir. Leave to rest so that the air bubbles can escape and the mixture becomes as transparent as possible. Serve in a champagne flute and add fresh blueberries to the glass.

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