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200g / 600g


GlucoSalt consists of a mixture of two calcium salts and is neutral in taste. It is used in spherification techniques where calcium-containing and sodium alginate-containing liquids react with each other to form delicate jelly pearls. CitricSalt and CalcicSalt as well as Algin are also essential for spherification.



Spherification is a cooking technique that was first used in the ElBulli in 2003. With this technique, the liquid gels in such a way that a membrane-like outer shell enclosing a liquid core is created - a so-called sphere. A distinction is made between the techniques of basic spherification and the more practical and therefore more frequently used inverse spherification.


200 g

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Other products for spherification

Once you have enjoyed a good sphere, you will never forget the explosion on your palate. With the spherification products and our new techniques, making spheres is child's play (if you follow a few basic rules). Simply select the desired flavour carrier, mix it with Gluco and freeze it in a desired mould (e.g. silicone). Prepare an algin bath and put the frozen mould into it: A membrane forms on the outside and the ice cream melts and becomes liquid on the inside. There are no limits to your imagination and the spheres can even be heated.



Used in base and inverse spherification. Gives the sphere an extremely soft outer skin and is obtained from brown algae.



To regulate the acidity in the base spherification. CitricSalt is derived from citrus fruits.



CalcicSalt is used in the base spherification and is an ideal reaction partner for Algin. CalcicSalt is a calcium salt. 

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