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Xanthan Instant




Xanthan Instant is an easily soluble Xanthan blend. Xanthan is obtained from fermented corn starch and is an ideal sauce thickener that can be used as an alternative to Roux or cornflour. In contrast to Xanthan, Xanthan Instant can be stirred in with a whisk. It develops its setting properties without the need to heat the liquid. Depending on the desired consistency, one to two heaped tablespoons of Xanthan instant are needed per litre.


Features & instructions for use
  • Finely ground powder

  • Vegan, gluten-free

  • Permanent stability - food does not thicken or develop a skin

  • Food can be frozen and defrosted (freeze-thaw stability)

  • Cold and hot soluble

  • Absolutely heat stable

  • Neutral taste - the taste of the basic ingredients is retained

  • Velvety soups and sauces

  • Dressings made from vinegar & oil as well as milk-based (yoghurt, cream etc.)

  • Cream dishes made from quark or cream - without egg

  • Lightning-fast desserts, e.g. from fruit juices

  • Thickened drinks 

  • Airy foamy food from the siphon (sweet or savoury)

Xanthan Instant


CHF 22.90

57.25 CHF / kg

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3-5 days delivery time

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