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Espuma Hot


100g / 300g


Espuma Hot is a vegetable stabilizer for the quick and easy production of stable, hot espumas.


Features & instructions for use
  • Long-lasting stability

  • Vegan, gluten free

  • Tasteless - the taste of the basic ingredients is retained

  • Very productive

  • Mix in 6-10 g Espuma Hot per liter of cold liquid or cooled and pureed total mass. Fill into an
    iSi siphon suitable for warm preparations and aerate with 2 iSi-N20 cartridges. Then let it rest in the fridge for 4-6 hours. After resting in the water bath, heat the iSi siphon to approx. 68°C.

Espuma Hot

100 g

CHF 23.40

CHF 234.00 / kg

Espuma Hot


CHF 44.90

CHF 149.67 / kg

Prices incl. VAT,  plus shipping and handling


3-5 days delivery time

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Other products

For the production of cold Espumas:

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Espuma Cold

For the quick and easy production of cold, stable espumas without heating. Very productive! 

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