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Grain falafel


from »Flora« by  Nils Henkel


75 g diced shallots

150 g soft wheat (soaked for 12 hours)

30 grams of Riesling

20 g malt syrup

125 g vegetable stock

40 g unripe spelt (soaked for 12 hours)

20 g emmer (soaked for 12 hours)

20 g einkorn (soaked for 12 hours)

1 g baking powder

15 g spruce needles , finely chopped

salt, white pepper




Sauté the diced shallots and add the drained soft wheat. Deglaze with Riesling and malt syrup and add vegetable stock. Boil slowly until the stock has evaporated. Coarsely grind the other soaked grains in the Thermomix and set aside. Puree the soft wheat in the Thermomix and then stir in the ground grain. Stir in the baking powder and pine needles and season with salt and pepper. Then form into balls (12 g), roll in grated white bread and at 160° C in rapeseed oil bake for 3 minutes.

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