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180g / 600g


SucroAir can be used to produce light and airy foams - even from alcoholic liquids. SucroAir is a highly stable emulsifying agent derived from sucrose and contains sugar esters of fatty acids. It is suitable for the production of oil-in-water type emulsions. SucroAir is used in particular in the dessert and cocktail sector.


Features & instructions for use
  • Finely ground powder

  • SucroAir is highly water soluble, but not fat soluble. It must first be dissolved in the aqueous medium (the warmer the medium, the better the solubility). Then slowly stir the SucroAir-water mixture into the greasy/oily medium.

  • Stir in SucroAir with the hand blender until it is completely dissolved. Incorporate air on the surface with the hand blender so that an air is formed.



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188.33 CHF / kg



CHF 82.90

138.17 CHF / kg

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