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Explosive Dry Martini / Raspberry Elderberry Cocktail

Himbeer Holunder Cocktail.jpg

Explosive Dry Martini


5g  Algin

1 l water (use still mineral water with a calcium content of less than 50 mg/l)

500 g green olives, seedless

1.2g  GlucoSalt

0.8g  Xanthan  or 8g  Xanthan Instant

100 ml gin

320g dry gin

400 grams of dry vermouth

1 straining bag




For the Algin bath, stir the Algin into 500 g of water with a hand blender. When the mixture is smooth and even, add the rest of the water and stir. At least leave to rest for 8 hours.

Crush the olives until a paste is formed. Strain the paste through a fine strainer bag, catching the olive water. Measure out 250 g of olive water and stir in the GlucoSalt with the hand blender. Add Instant Xanthan and continue beating until smooth and slightly thick, about 1 minute. Using the 2.5ml measuring spoon, add the olive juice to the Algin bath in portions, creating spheres. Leave to steep for a minute, then remove from the bath with a slotted spoon, rinse in still water (with a calcium content of less than 50 mg/l) and place in 100 ml of gin. Mix the cocktail in a shaker with plenty of ice, gin and vermouth. Serve in martini glasses with an olive sphere in each.

Raspberry Elderberry Cocktail


3.2g  SucroAir

200 g elderflower liqueur

140 g raspberry pulp

40 ml lime juice

80 ml elderflower liqueur

240 ml vodka

Forget-me-not flowers

freeze-dried raspberries, powdered



Stir into the elderflower liqueur with the SucroAir blender and dissolve. Then use the mixer to work air into the surface of the liqueur so that a foam forms. Mix the raspberry pulp, lime juice, elderflower liqueur and vodka in a shaker with plenty of ice. Strain the cocktail into chilled martini glasses. Put the elderflower liqueur air on top with a spoon. Decorate with a forget-me-not and sprinkle a fine line of raspberry powder on the other side.

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