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Remoulade foam


from »Flora« by  Nils Henkel


65 g shallots

250 g vegetable stock

2 eggs (soft as wax)

40 g gherkin

65 g gherkin stock

25 g tarragon mustard

70 g crème fraîche

20 g birch smoke oil

1g  Xanthan

165 g grapeseed oil

salt, white pepper

sugar, Tabasco




Finely chop the shallots and sauté. Boil once with the vegetable stock and temper. Then puree very finely in the Thermomix with the eggs, gherkins, gherkin stock, tarragon mustard, crème fraîche, smoked oil and Xanthan gum. Slowly mix in the grape seed oil, season with salt, pepper, sugar and Tabasco and strain the tartar sauce through a micro sieve. Pour into an ISI siphon and three Insert N2 O cartridges. Refrigerate and shake well before use.

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