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Gelling agent

170g / 500g


Iota is a vegetable gelling agent obtained from red algae. It enables the production of soft, elastic jellies. Hot jellies can also be prepared with Iota. Iota is the ideal gelling agent for more fatty foods such as sauces, cream and creams. Suitable for freezing. 


Features & instructions for use
  • powder, finely ground

  • Vegan, gluten free

  • Dissolve approx. 5 g Iota per liter in cold liquid and heat to 80 °C to achieve the gelling effect. Should the gel break, simply let it rest to recover



CHF 22.50

132.35 CHF / kg



CHF 39.90

CHF 79.80 / kg

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Recipe suggestion


More gelling agents

With the vegan gelling agents from Creative Cuisine, all kinds of jellies and creams can be made easily and quickly. The only important thing is to know which gelling agent to use for which purpose. Iota, for example, is the ideal partner for dairy products, Gellan is suitable for cut-resistant gels and a mixture of Agar and Iota is the right choice for the best creams. And with Agar and Algin you can conjure up wonderful jams à la minute. On all product pages you will find suitable basic recipes that you can vary as you like.


For firm vegetarian and vegan jellies. Excellent for making cold and warm jellies.



For hot and cold jellies. Vegetarian / Vegan Gelatine substitute. Obtained from red algae.



For vegetarian jellies and glazes. Produces gels with a firm consistency and a brittle surface. Pure vegetable gelling agent made from red algae.



For vegetarian and vegan hot jellies. Particularly suitable for the production of vegetable dumplings or breadcrumbs without egg and flour. Made from vegetable cellulose.


Vegane Gelatine

The alternative to animal products.

With CreativeCuisine's Vegan Gelatine there is now a real alternative to previous products.

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