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Plankton caviar

Sea Plankton Spheres



The unique sea taste of plankton caviar, made from high-quality raw materials, will delight you - and you won't find it anywhere else! Plankton caviar, with its wonderfully intense green color, is made from sea plankton using the spherization process. Here you can discover even more taste nuances than with the freeze-dried product.

Plankton caviar

  • is suitable for direct consumption

  • can be used hot and cold and is therefore much more than just decoration

  • suitable for vegetarians, vegans, for those suffering from celiac disease

  • cannot be fried or frozen.

  • Minimum order quantity: 6 glasses



Unopened 12 months shelf life, once opened refrigerate and consume within 10 days. Store in a dry place protected from light.

Please contact us before ordering

Plankton caviar


CHF 25.90

CHF 518.00 / kg

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Delivery time on demand

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