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Baked potato slices, smoked


from »Flora« by  Nils Henkel


1000 g baked potatoes, peeled

(starchy variety Belana, cooked on salt)

500 grams of milk

24 g Vegan Gelatine

150 g nut butter

25 g olive oil, smoked

15 g birch smoke oil

8 grams of salt

White pepper

1 pinch smoke powder Sosa




Cut the peeled potatoes into pieces and smoke them with beech wood shavings for about 20 minutes. Then cover with the heated milk and leave to stand for about 40 minutes. Pour off the milk and boil 150 g of it with the vegan gelatine.

Puree the potatoes in the Thermomix on level 6, mix in the gelled milk, then the nut butter and the smoked oils. Season the mass with salt, pepper and smoke powder and fill it into a plastic casing or a round cylinder with a diameter of 8 cm. Leave to cool hanging in it for at least 24 hours and cut into 5mm thick slices on a slicer.

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