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With MicroBiscuit Instant, fluffy sponge cakes can be made in a very short time. The ready mix is mixed with water for a few minutes in the food processor, filled into molds with the help of a siphon and is ready in the microwave after a few seconds.

Use:  Process 350 g Microbiscuit Instant salty with 400 ml water in the food processor for 2 minutes to form a smooth dough. Pour through a fine sieve into a 1 liter cream siphon, gas with two N2O cartridges and cool for two hours. Cut the bottom edge of the disposable plastic drinking cup about 1.5 cm high in three places and squirt the microbiscuit mass out of the cream siphon into the cup at a height of 2.5 cm. Heat in the microwave (800 W) for about 40 seconds. Depending on the device type, the baking time can vary up to 15 seconds.

Store the mixed biscuit mass in the refrigerator and use within 
consume 2 days.

Very economical, the content of one can is enough for approx. 100 pieces.


areas of application

  • For appetizers (starters, amuse bouches etc.)
  • For doughs with moss-like, airy structures
  • Can be customized in terms of taste and colour, e.g. B. by adding fruit or vegetable juices, plant extracts, food coloring, spices, etc.

MicroBiscuit, salty, 350 g

SKU: 1026
100 Grams
VAT Included
  • product info
    Ingredients: Almond flour, sugar, wheat flour, egg white powder, egg yolk powder, thickener xanthan gum
    Allergens: almond flour, wheat flour, egg white powder, egg yolk powder
    Storage: Keep cool and dry (up to 25 degrees), do not expose to direct sunlight

    Nutritional values per 100 g
    Calorific value/kJ = 1,994 kJ
    Calorific value/kCal = 477 kcal
    fat/g = 21.8 g
    saturated fatty acids/g = 1.7 g
    carbohydrates/g = 44.4 g
    sugar/g = 31.2 g
    Dietary fiber/g = 2.9 g
    protein/g =26.5 g
    salt/g = 0.05 mg

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