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Ready-to-use mixture for a panna cotta with a spicy gingerbread taste. It's easier than ever - the panna cotta is made in 5 minutes, let it cool for 30 minutes - done!


Properties & areas of application

  • ready mix 
  • With vegan gelatine
  • Preparation: Dissolve 55 g in 500 ml milk or cream and briefly bring to the boil. Pour into molds and let cool for about 30 minutes
  • Also with  Apple strudel-,  tonka bean and  Lemongrass flavor available

Panna Cotta Gingerbread, 500 g

SKU: 1029
100 Grams
VAT Included
  • product info
    Ingredients: sugar, lemongrass, gelling agent carrageenan, thickener xanthan gum
    Allergens: None
    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place (up to 25 degrees), do not expose to direct sunlight

    Nutritional values per 100 g
    Calorific value = 491 kcal / 2,045 kj
    Fat = 0.37g
    of which saturated fatty acids = 0 g
    Carbohydrates = 93.61g
    of which sugar = 87 g
    Fiber = 1.96g
    Egg white = 0.38g
    Salt = 0.37g
    Potassium = 448 mg

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